In order to create a notification rule you need to Go to –

Setup -> Incidents -> incident Rules

Now select First incident ruleset which is “Incident management rule set for all targets”

Go to Action > Create like rule set

Enter name and description of the ruleset

Select the targets to which you want to apply this ruleset. In my case I want to apply to all targets.

Optionally you can filter targets by Lifecycle status. E.g. I want to apply this rule only for “Production” type targets then I can select that option

A ruleset is collection of rules. Since we used option “create like ruleset” it is showing all rules as per the original ruleset  “Incident management rule set for all targets”

Select the rules and click edit if you want to make changes

For e.g. I am editing this rule “Incident creation rule for a Target Down availability status”. Default is it will show notification only when availability is “down”. But I want notification for all event.

You can see that currently it is defined to send notification for “All targets” and “Down” status.

No I want to add notification for “up” status as well. So you need to click on “add” button and select below option for “up” notification for all targets and click “ok”

You can see that “up” option is now added in availability. Click next

Click next

Click next

Click continue

Rules has been created. Now click “Save”

Our ruleset is now visible under incident rules

Now I need to subscribe to that rule. Note that currently “email me” is set to No.

Select the rule and then go to Action> email > Email me

Verify “email me” is now set to Yes

Now let see the email notification. I have started database and listener on a monitored target.

We got an notification for database and listener down by “basic ruleset”

Let’s see if we get an notification when database is started. So we got below alert when database started.