add showsyntax in replicat

GGSCI (oel6-node04.localdomain) 15> view params rep_12

Replicat rep_12
DiscardFile ./dirrpt/rpdw.dsc, Purge
UserID oggadm, Password Welcome1
map oggsrc.KEYCOL*, target oggtrg.*, KEYCOLS (id);
map oggsrc.TEST*, target oggtrg.*, KEYCOLS (id);
map oggsrc.NEW*, target oggtrg.*, KEYCOLS (id);
map oggsrc.*, target oggtrg.*;

start the replciat from os

[oracle@oel6-node04 goldengate_12c]$ ./replicat paramfile /home/oracle/goldengate_12c/dirprm/rep_12.prm

once replicat started you will see these type of entries in your replicat logfile

everytime a transaction comes to target it will ask for your input. default is keep. so make sure you use this with caution. transaction will not go to target until you accept it

Wildcard MAP resolved (entry oggsrc.*):
  map "OGGSRC"."KEYCOL_TEST1", target oggtrg."KEYCOL_TEST1";

2020-05-22 15:36:52  INFO    OGG-01971  The previous message, 'WARNING OGG-06439', repeated 1 times.

2020-05-22 15:36:52  WARNING OGG-02081  Detected duplicate TABLE/MAP entry for source table OGGSRC.KEYCOL_TEST1 and target table oggtrg.KEYCOL_TEST1. Using prior TABLE/MAP specification.

INSERT INTO "OGGTRG"."KEYCOL_TEST1" ("ID","NAME","CITY","EMAIL") VALUES ('101','sss','jdjj','hhd')
Statement length: 98

(S)top display, (K)eep displaying (default):