My setup is downstream setup and i started seeing below error message in database alert log

LOGMINER: Error 308 encountered, failed to read  logfile /u01/oracle/product/

interesting thing is we have archive location set in ASM but somehow logminer lloking for archive in filesystem.

when i checked my extract status it seems to stuck at sequence 36595

GGSCI (oel0301) 2> send extract E_ICD02, status

Sending STATUS request to EXTRACT E_ICD02 ...
  Current status: In recovery[1]: Processing data

  Current read position:
  Redo thread #: 1
  Sequence #: 36595=====================================>
  RBA: 251736
  Timestamp: 2021-03-07 16:25:10.000000
  SCN: 4032.1429360458 (17318737497930)
  Current write position:
  Sequence #: 353570
  RBA: 1532
  Timestamp: 2021-03-07 20:25:34.956286
  Extract Trail: /u01/acfs/ogg/EXTRACT/TROY/EA

Anyways first check if archive sequence present in downstream database or not in my case archive seq no. 36596 onwards were not present. when i checked i found my diskgroup was full hence some of the archives were not transferred to downstream database

so manually copy them and follow this process for all missing archives

i am copying remotely asm to asm you can copy to FS as well

if copying asm to asm don’t give omf name on target else you will get error

ORA-15046: ASM file name ‘+FRA/TROY/ARCHIVELOG/2021_03_07/thread_1_seq_36696.4668.1066581163’ is not in single-file creation form

so i have given target name as thread_1_seq_36696

asmcmd cp --port 1977 +FRA/TROY/ARCHIVELOG/2021_03_07/thread_1_seq_36696.3931.1066584215 clone/clone@

now register this with extract