This document outlines steps for resetting your extrcat, pump and replicat. Please note that these steps will reset your processes to the current time and the replication will start from the time these commands are fired. Any chnages before that will not be capture or replicated.

This document is useful when you already had a working setup of GG and have just reinstantiated your env and no one has used the source db until that time.


unregister extract E_ICR01 database;
register extract E_ICR01 database;
alter extract E_ICR01 begin now
start extract E_ICR01

If register extract gives error ERROR OGG-01891 EXTRACT E_ICR01 must first be deleted before it can be registered. then follow below approach.

unregister extract E_ICR01 database;
delete extract E_ICR01
register extract E_ICR01 database;
add extract E_ICR01, integrated tranlog, begin now
add exttrail /u01/ogg/EXTRACT/TROY/EA, extract E_ICR01, megabytes 10
start extract E_ICR01


alter extract P_ICR01 begin now
start extract P_ICR01


alter replicat R_ICJ01 begin now

Replication test

run below on source db and verify records have reached your GG target

Create table siebel.test (col1 number primary key, record_date DATE);
Insert into siebel.test values (1,sysdate);